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Gebr. Pfeiffer certification DIN EN ISO

Best quality – certified!

Customer satisfaction is Pfeiffer’s top priority. What we demand of ourselves is to make sure our products and services do not only fulfill the needs and expectations, but even exceed them – now and in the future. Therefore, we subject our approach to regular examinations by independent inspectors.

Gebr. Pfeiffer complies with DIN EN ISO 9001 which is a proof for our supplying high-quality products. Moreover, our customers can rely on an excellent quality management at our end.

The DIN EN 1090-2 certification and the monitoring of our factory production control enable us to evidence the qualification of our staff, the availability of technical equipment as needed, and the observance of the defined essential product qualities of our components. Hence we are allowed to use the CE quality signs on our products, thus complying with our own demands and those of our customers.

Our DIN EN ISO 3834-2 certificate documents the qualified and proper machining of our welded products and proves the competence of our factory in delivering the required quality. So our customers may rest fully assured that the products we manufacture are of utmost quality.