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Remote access and remote support

GPlink – Tap the full potential of your mill

Don't you think as well there's more to be gained from your mill? GPlink gives you the possibility to store your process data safely and hardware-independent over a long period of time. You can analyse and compare the data across your machines and plants from anywhere in the world, even with mobile devices. If you are not able to exhaust all the optimization possibilities yourself, you can easily get the appropriate remote support from Gebr. Pfeiffer – without loss of time and high costs. But GPlink has much more to offer: you can add for example exciting features to save even more costs and to optimize your processes by intelligent algorithms and the use of artificial intelligence.

GPlink has been specially developed to optimize MVR or MPS mills. However, if you want to equip other machines from Gebr. Pfeiffer with GPlink, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your advantages with GPlink:

  • 24/7 remote overview of your plant
  • remote support and optimization possible
  • developed by the mill manufacturer himself
  • existing (sensor) infrastructure can be used
  • easy to set up and no additional costs

GPlink at a glance

GPlink gives access to the existing sensors of your plant and transmits the data of your mill and consumers to our cloud. From our cloud you can easily access your operating data at any time and keep an eye on everything, even from your mobile device. Should you ever need support, your Pfeiffer experts can simply connect to your system and thus have the opportunity to support you without any loss of time or travel expenses and to help you, for example, in case of an unplanned stop.

You want to use our further digital functions up to artificial intelligence – Upgrade to GPpro

GPpro was created as a tool for preventive maintenance and includes a wide range of sensors as well as a data analysis tool and reports. Use the potential of these versatile tools to optimize your plant.

GPpro has a modular structure and offers functions in the following areas:

  • preventive maintenance
  • protection of the mill
  • reduction of water consumption
  • data overview and evaluation
  • optimization using artificial intelligence*

* Has been successfully tested in beta mode so far. More about this soon!

Of course, we are constantly developing our digital products, like all our products, to ensure that your mill is always up-to-date and works efficiently.