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Pfeiffer applications

The right solution to your problem

We have long been providing our customers with innovative solutions in preparation technology no matter how challenging the task might have been. We know what we are talking about. From raw material grinding to hydrating: we have the optimum solution when it comes to efficient material preparation with our Pfeiffer products. Contact us.

Cement raw material

We supply tailor-made packages considering the particular physical properties of the cement raw material to be ground.

Cement and granulated blast-furnace slag

Our proven MVR mills are ideally suited to meet the special requirements to be dealt with in the preparation of cement and granulated blast-furnace slag.

Coal and petcoke

With 2200 coal mills sold to customers worldwide, we are experts in coal and petcoke preparation. We know our business.


Whatever is needed to solve challenging tasks: we have everything from individual machines to complete gypsum works – and the know-how to go with it!


We offer high-quality, cost-efficient solutions when it comes to dry preparation of ceramic raw materials.


With Pfeiffer products, you can produce pulverized limestone and crushed limestone in a single process.

Quicklime and lime hydrate

Pfeiffer solutions for quicklime preparation: individually conceived and representing the state of the art.

Other materials

Knowledge is what makes us flexible. We also offer solutions when it comes to treating materials like feldspar, quartz, ore, sand and many more.