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Pfeiffer service contracts

The exact service you need - Secure the best performance of your investment for the long term

Gebr. Pfeiffer offers worldwide after-sales service with a dedicated team of experienced professionals. With a Pfeiffer service contract, you secure additional exclusive services at attractive conditions, save valuable time when procuring spare parts for wear parts in emergencies, and save costs for your own service team. A consideration that pays off – especially for the more complex technology of vertical mills.

Your advantages with a Pfeiffer service contract at a glance:

  • Plan your maintenance scheduling with regular intervals
  • Premium access to the Pfeiffer Service Team
  • External specialists provide assistance to your own service personnel
  • The most up-to-date insights with the manufacturer’s own expertise

Give us a call or write to us and let our service experts advise you!

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Pfeiffer service contracts offer you:

Assistance after commissioning

We provide remote support for the first six months of plant operation after commissioning.

Process support

Optimize your processes with the manufacturer’s expert, up-to-date knowledge. We carry out targeted trials, make recommendations for optimizations and upgrades, and help you get the most out of your plant.


Obtain regional spare parts storage, individual consignment stocks and convenient leasing of wear parts. This is how we make sure that everything runs smoothly – with no need for you to take care of the details yourself.

Maintenance support

Only a regularly well-maintained plant can deliver optimum results. We relieve you of this work and send our service experts for maintenance appointments planned in advance, which enables you to budget accordingly.

Remote support

Make your Pfeiffer grinding plant economical and usable for the long term. We support you with a comprehensive inspection service carried out by our experienced team of experts using efficient, proactive maintenance with Pfeiffer GPpro. This includes the option of remote diagnostics and telephone support.

Choose the Pfeiffer service package you need

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have grouped our services into clearly defined packages. With the modular design, you can order them individually or combine them in the way that makes the most sense for your plant. When ordering several service modules, we also offer you valuable complete packages at attractive conditions. Or take advantage of a completely customized service contract tailored in every detail to meet your exact needs.

BASIC PACKAGE 1: Remote support after commissioning

We provide remote support for the first six months after operation of the plant has commenced.

Core services

  • Telephone advice on the operation of the plant
  • Remote support on demand to improve processes

BASIC PACKAGE 2: Mechanical inspection / process inspection

With this Pfeiffer service package, you can be certain to have a reliable plant thanks to regular maintenance, minimization of unplanned downtimes and optimal operation of your mill, including valuable information on upgrade options, all provided directly by the manufacturer.

Core services

  • Kickoff meeting to define maintenance and optimization objectives
  • On-site inspection including mechanical inspection during a plant standstill
  • Process inspection including recording of operating data and plant optimization
  • Final meeting including final reports with recommendations for spare parts delivery and for further optimization and upgrade options
  • Option of needs-oriented employee training (for further training needs, see Add-On Package C)
  • Special conditions for additional services

BASIC PACKAGE 3: Continuous maintenance support with GPpro

Pfeiffer GPpro is your digital solution for proactive maintenance. Can also be retrofitted – to minimize the risk of failures, significantly increase reliability, and boost machine service life.

Core services

  • Continuous support during ongoing operation with worldwide data access and remote support by Pfeiffer
  • Optimized preventive maintenance according to the actual condition of components based on intelligent analyses – for optimized plant availability and ordering of spare parts using ongoing condition monitoring
  • Process monitoring in real time with central data acquisition

BASIC PACKAGE 4: Warehousing

With the Pfeiffer Spare Parts Service Package, you can ensure short-term availability of the most important spare parts to minimize downtimes. At the same time, benefit from calculable investments for spare parts, an extended payment plan and reduced on-site storage space requirements.

Core services

  • Regional storage
  • Automatic restocking of spare parts that have been requisitioned
  • Simply make a down payment until the parts are called off
  • Available as a separate service package or as a combined add-on package
The basic packages can be tailored to suit your needs using the add-on packages below.

ADD-ON PACKAGE A: Wear part leasing

The economical Pfeiffer leasing concept for all important wear parts outsources your entire wear part service to us, keeps the costs calculable and ensures that you always have the right wear part in the right place at the right time. For even more risk-free operation of your grinding plants.

Core services

  • Comprehensive delivery service for the most important wear parts including provision of a supervisor for assembly
  • Automatic restocking or production of spare parts that have been used
  • Fixed rates for the most important wear parts; price depends on the production rate
  • Only available in combination with Basic Package 4, Warehousing

ADD-ON PACKAGE B: On-site operations support after commissioning

We assist you personally on site to ensure a smooth transition of the operational responsibility. To do so, our Pfeiffer experts operate the plant for a predetermined time after the commissioning – even 24/7 if you so desire. And if everything runs smoothly, we turn over the responsibility to your team step by step.

Core services

  • Support for plant operation, short-term, medium-term and long-term
  • Mechanical support in the short and medium term as well as support and assistance in maintenance and the establishment of a maintenance plan


Well-trained personnel are hard to find, especially in remote regions. We assist in the hiring process and train your personnel specifically with a view towards ensuring safe operation of your grinding plants.

Core services

  • Creation of job descriptions
  • Definition of manpower needs
  • Support in procurement of personnel
  • Personnel training on site
  • Associated training based on the manner of daily plant operation including use of GPpro