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Gebr. Pfeiffer – Getting it done

5 good reasons to opt for Pfeiffer

1. Goods and services that are worth the money

Investment in Pfeiffer machines and plants pays off. Because the overall performance is right. Extremely reliable and with excellent results. For economic success and high ROI – for sure. Let us convince you.

Getting it done means for you investment that pays off.

2. Knowledge and experience from the technology leader in the industry

We are the pioneers of vertical roller mill technology. The inventors of mill drives with more than 10,000 kW, modular ready2grind systems and gypsum calcination in vertical roller mills. The worldwide sought-after specialist for innovative solutions, with its own development department and strong German engineering. Technology driver for more than 155 years.

Getting it done means progressing.

3. Efficient overall solutions you can rely on

Our promise: plant solutions that you can rely on 100 %. We only give our word if we know we can keep it. And we keep what we have promised. For safety throughout. You can count on us.

Getting it done means making promises and keeping them.

4. Excellent service worldwide

Pfeiffer service is a point of honour. With a dense global network, personally on site, always in action. And only satisfied when everything is running perfectly. For a machine’s entire life.

Getting it done means going the extra mile.

5. A strong team in all domains

The strong Pfeiffer team is our pride and joy. The best staff in consulting, analysis, design, manufacturing, support, assembly, service. All with a common goal: making possible what is needed. In Pfeiffer quality.

Getting it done means having the best team in the race.