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Pfeiffer product portfolio

Pfeiffer products

There is probably no one who could tell us something new about modern preparation of materials. In fact we do not only offer our innovative mills type MPS and MVR but also a wide portfolio of machinery for grinding, separating, drying, slaking and calcining. For any of your applications, we have the perfect solution from one source. And of course with the quality you expect from Pfeiffer.

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Tap the full potential of your mill

MVR vertical roller mill with MultiDrive®

Equipped with the patented multiple drive and up to six grinding rollers, the MVR mill offers outstanding results especially with very large output rates.

MVR vertical roller mill with conventional drive

With a planetary gearbox and up to six grinding rollers, the MVR mill is the optimum solution – also in terms of economy - when it comes to producing small to medium output rates.

ready2grind modular system

Maximum flexibility with Pfeiffer’s unique ready2grind

MPS vertical roller mill

Our MPS vertical roller mill with its three grinding rollers has proven successful over decades. It’s the allrounder for rather small output rates and can grind almost any type of material.

MRD / MRE ball mill

The ideal mill for the grinding of hard and very abrasive materials

SLV high efficiency separator

The perfect equipment for ultra-sharp separation and high fineness degrees

SUV / SUT distribution table separators

The efficient SUV separator mainly used for the separation of finished products

TRT Triplex dryer

The optimized dryer ensuring energy efficiency and gentle drying of any minerals and free-flowing industrial products

KLV / KLE lime hydrators

The worldwide proven Pfeiffer lime hydrating plants produce premium hydrate as required for high-quality building lime, plaster, and chemical lime.


The innovative multiple drive system with its two to six identical drive modules in combination with the MVR mill delivers extraordinary performance