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Apprenticeship vacancies

Becoming an apprentice at Gebr. Pfeiffer

Do you work well on your own initiative? Do you enjoy having responsibilities? Are you a team player? In this case the right thing to do is to apply for an apprenticeship at Gebr. Pfeiffer. We are one of the leading manufacturers of mills and other machines for material preparation. To us good apprenticeship and the promotion of young professionals mean a lot. Therefore, we make sure that you profit from the comprehensive knowledge of the tutors and that you gain insight into all of the company’s sectors.

Apprenticeship vacancies available in the following sectors:

Commercial: industrial business management assistants - During the apprenticeship, you will gain insight into all of the company’s sectors/departments.

Technical: computer science specialists, pattern makers, product designers - Part of your apprenticeship as a product designer will take place externally (at Opel Automobile GmbH) for about 5 or 6 months.

Crafts sector: foundry mechanics, industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, metal cutting mechanics - Here again we cooperate with Opel Automobile GmbH.

You can find the current apprenticeship offers in our job portal


To allow you to fully concentrate on your apprenticeship, we believe it is important to provide you with the necessary support such as a union agreed apprenticeship pay, financial support for teaching materials, Christmas bonus and vacation benefit, contribution to the corporate pension plan paid during the apprenticeship already, working clothes for apprentices in the crafts sector, free bus and train tickets, and permanent employment after completion of apprenticeship. But there is more than learning all week long: we at Pfeiffer organize adventure trips for all our apprentices (to tree climbing parks, for example).  

Your contact to the HR team

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