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MVR vertical roller mill for grinding cement

Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. orders more vertical roller mills from Gebr. Pfeiffer

Dalmia Cement, India’s fourth-largest cement manufacturer, is based in New Delhi and operates cement plants and separate cement grinding plants across India.

Large cement manufacturers with multiple production sites often work with different grinding systems, as it’s only through experience that real comparisons can be made. Although Dalmia Cement had previously used Pfeiffer MPS vertical roller mills for grinding raw meal, coal and cement, the company had also worked with other grinding systems. So Gebr. Pfeiffer India (a 100% subsidiary of Gebr. Pfeiffer, Germany) is absolutely delighted that Dalmia Cement has now decided to use Gebr. Pfeiffer vertical roller mills again.

Dalmia Cement has ordered two MVR 3750 C-4 for their cement grinding plants in Ariyalur and Kadapa. The mills will produce Ordinary Portland Cement and fly ash cement at up to 160 t/h. The company is committed to sustainable cement production and Gebr. Pfeiffer is playing its part by optimizing the grinding process to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of cement by up to 35%. Further emissions reductions can be achieved indirectly, as less electricity is required for grinding plants with the state-of-the-art Pfeiffer MVR vertical roller mills than for the combi-grinding units commonly used elsewhere. This type of mill also has the highest power density of all available vertical roller mills, which positively impacts the overall investment.

Fresh fly ash, from power plants operated with fossil fuels, and stored fly ash from earlier times, known as pond ash, will be used as substitutes for the clinker. Pond ash is usually pit-wet, which makes the MVR vertical roller mill ideal as it doesn’t just grind and classify the materials – it dries them too. As a result, only one machine and no intermediate transport systems are required.

In addition to the MVR 3750 C-4 mill, equipped with a 3,200 kW drive, and the integrated new-generation SLS 4000 VC high-efficiency classifier, Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd is supplying almost all components for the two grinding plants. The order also includes plant design, coordination of project delivery and support in the form of monitoring during assembly and commissioning of the mills.

The picture shows an MVR mill of similar size

The two grinding plants are due to be commissioned in early 2024.