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MVR vertical roller mill for grinding cement raw material

First MVR vertical roller mill in Senegal by Gebr. Pfeiffer

Especially in the recent past, Pfeiffer MVR vertical roller mills have been installed in many African countries. So, the news about the many advantages of this innovative grinding technology is spreading fast on the African continent.

This is quite understandable, because what can be more convincing than positive operating data from the field.

Ciments de l'Afrique (CIMAF) being also convinced of this state-of-the-art grinding technology, the company has ordered such an MVR vertical roller mill for its plant at Keur Moussa in Senegal from Gebr. Pfeiffer. A vertical roller mill of the type MVR 5000 R-4 will be used for raw material grinding.

In general, MVR mills are characterised not only by efficient comminution and the associated high power density, but also by smooth running and low pressure loss. The design of these vertical roller mills significantly reduces the energy consumption of the grinding plant, increases technical availability and reduces both emissions and total operating costs. The mill for CIMAF will be the first MVR vertical roller mill to be installed in Senegal. It will be equipped with a latest generation SLS 4000 VR classifier and will grind 470 t/h of cement raw material to a fineness of 12 % R to 0.090 mm.

The parent company CIMAF, headquartered in Morocco, is a leading cement supplier in North, West and Central Africa. This group is the third-largest cement manufacturer in Morocco.

West Africa has experienced strong growth in demand over the past decade, leading to the construction of grinding plants for the markets in the countries along the coast between Senegal and Nigeria. The region's cement industry has become highly competitive. By expanding cement production, CIMAF will reduce the region's dependence on imports.

Since the cement plant in Senegal is an integrated plant, i.e. it will also produce its own clinker, a ground-up mixture of limestone and other materials is needed as cement raw material. Gebr. Pfeiffer is very pleased to be able to contribute to reducing the energy demand in this region by using the efficient MVR grinding technology to grind this raw material. In the coming years, the new cement plant in Senegal will create many direct and indirect jobs.

The picture shows an MVR vertical roller mill of the same size.

The contract is being handled by the Chinese general contractor CBMI.

The MVR mill is expected to be commissioned in the first half of 2024.