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Pfeiffer maintenance software for preventive maintenance

Pfeiffer GPpro – predictive maintenance for intelligent process optimization

Pfeiffer GPpro is the intelligent way to plan maintenance by analysing long-term data. Specially developed for Pfeiffer grinding plants, the software allows you to carry out maintenance based on the actual state of key components rather than simply specifying set intervals. So say hello to the digital solution that minimizes the risk of failures, significantly increases reliability, boosts machine service life and transforms your processes for the better.

GPpro gives you:

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of all key parameters
  • Preventive maintenance for optimized machine availability
  • Efficient maintenance based on the actual state of the components
  • Targeted supply of spare parts
  • External monitoring to reduce personnel requirements
  • Access to operating data from anywhere in the world

How GPpro works

GPpro uses state-of-the-art, ultra-accurate sensors to collect data from all key components. When installed in an existing machine or plant, GPpro can be combined with any process control system and its sensors and electronics. Specially created algorithms, based on the experience gained by Pfeiffer over the years, use the collected data to establish the basis for predictive maintenance. The clever GPpro mobile app features a dashboard giving you an instant overview of all status data and maintenance requirements, and you can set up push notifications to be kept up to date at all times. And because GPpro can be updated and enhanced with new features, you will be perfectly equipped for the challenges of the future.

GPpro helps you detect early signs of (among other issues):

  • Wear in the seal air sealing rings in the grinding rollers
  • Wear in the hydraulic system
  • Contamination of the hydraulic oil
  • Wear on rolling bearings

GPpro – the heart of your preventive maintenance

When will you benefit from GPpro?

For a new plant

When you’re building a new grinding plant and want your maintenance to benefit both from the extensive experience and innovative solutions that you only get from a technology leader in the industry and from a comprehensive service contract.

For multiple locations

When you operate plants at a number of different sites and are looking to create more transparency for your operations hub and save financial and personnel resources by pooling maintenance and spare parts.

For integration into digital networks

When you want to integrate an existing grinding plant into a digital network in order to further optimize your tried-and-trusted workflows through intelligent preventive maintenance and stay ahead of the curve.

For external data backup

When you want to outsource complex data backup procedures and are looking for a future-proof solution with a whole host of other benefits.

Want to find out more about GPpro? We would love to hear from you.

GPpro – one system, three products

Optimize your processes

GPpro is the digital basis for high-efficiency maintenance management in compliance with ISO 9001, specially developed using specific algorithms for Pfeiffer grinding plants. Choose between an automated workflow – which you can set in motion by e-mail, on the monitor in the central control room or on your mobile by tapping the GPpro icon on your tablet or smartphone – or various workflow models with predefined operations and cumulative notifications at different levels of responsibility.

Your benefits

  • Specially developed Pfeiffer algorithms
  • Early, continuously updated information on operating and maintenance status
  • Generate maintenance results
  • Schedule and document all maintenance
  • Operating hours counter

Make the most of the data you collect

GPpro uses state-of-the-art sensors to collect your data and stores it securely for up to 10 years even as you update your systems – a clear advantage over conventional solutions.

Your benefits

  • Data collection can be expanded to the entire plant
  • A wide range of trend reports which can be easily adapted
  • Various formats (e.g. Excel) for data import and export
  • Additional data can be input (manually or via Excel) for combined analysis
  • Customizable encrypted access to operations and maintenance documentation

Guarantee global access to your data

GPpro gives plant operators access to all operating data at all times no matter where they are, whether on PC, tablet or smartphone, and offers protection from unauthorized interference in the system to ensure optimum safety. As part of a service contract available worldwide, Pfeiffer can regularly check and analyse your data and give you proactive advice on how you can further optimize your operations.

Your benefits

  • Central access to operating data from all your sites around the world
  • A clear display of everything you need
  • Optional Pfeiffer diagnostics