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MVR vertical roller mill for slag grinding

Gebr. Pfeiffer wins order for slag grinding in Finland

Recently, the Finnish cement company Finnsementti awarded Gebr. Pfeiffer with a contract for the supply of a slag grinding mill type MVR 1800 C-4. The new slag grinding plant will be built next to a steel works in Finland.

The order comprises the supply of the complete equipment from the slag dosing and conveying system to the outlet of the process filter including the hot gas generator, process fans and all main motors. Furthermore, Gebr. Pfeiffer is responsible for the plant design and process engineering.

The throughput of the Gebr. Pfeiffer mill type MVR 1800 C-4 amounts to 22 t/h slag powder (dry-base), depending on the product fineness with up to 5.000 Blaine. The mill with four equal-sized grinding rollers and a table diameter of 1.8 m is a proven mill type and can also be operated in two-roller-mode with approx. 60 % of its maximum capacity during maintenance.

Gebr. Pfeiffer’s expertise and references in the field of medium-scale cement and slag grinding vertical roller mills convinced Finnsementti, amongst other advantages, to select the Gebr. Pfeiffer mill type MVR 1800 C-4. Also, Gebr. Pfeiffer’s customized plant design impresses by its compactness by meeting customer’s expectations for fast maintenance actions. Finally, Finnsementti appreciated the broad range of services at the Gebr. Pfeiffer laboratory, starting from the determination of relevant grinding parameters via wear examinations up to reactivity tests.

The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for the late summer of 2020.

Plant arrangement drawing with Gebr. Pfeiffer mill type MVR 1800 C-4