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MVR roller mill for grinding cement

First Pfeiffer cement mill for Southern India

Gebr. Pfeiffer is going to equip a grinding plant of Chettinad Cement Corp. Pvt. Ltd. with an MVR 6000 C-6 roller mill.

Gebr. Pfeiffer supplied almost 150 MPS and MVR mills to India, with customers headquartered in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other cities, all of which are situated in Northern India. In terms of reference plants, Southern India was uncharted territory.

Yet, with the order placed by Chettinad Cement, Gebr. Pfeiffer succeeded in winning a contract for a granulated blast-furnace slag and blast-furnace cement grinding plant, which will be set up near the steel works town of Visakapatnam.

Key factors that influenced the buying decision of the end customer and his consultant HOLTEC included the very good references of Pfeiffer’s grinding plants in India, in particular those with the MVR 6000 C-6 mills, and also elsewhere in the world, the low energy consumption and the flexibility of the MVR mill.

The active redundancy of the grinding rollers, which makes it possible to operate the mill with a reduced number of grinding rollers in the event of maintenance work or a malfunction, gives the cement producer the security of its plant having a high level of availability.

The grinding plant now sold will be producing mixed cements with different proportions of clinker, gypsum, fly ash and granulated blast-furnace slag or grinding pure granulated blast-furnace slag or OPC. Depending on the product to be achieved, the capacity will range between 235 and 340 t/h, with the products ground to fineness degrees between 3000 and 3800 cm²/g acc. to Blaine.

Gebr. Pfeiffer SE will supply the core components of the MVR 6000 C-6 mill as well as the 6700-kW gear unit from Europe. Foundation parts, housings and other components will be manufactured in India and delivered to the customer by Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pfeiffer’s wholly owned subsidiary.

Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Noida near New Delhi, will also assist the customer with the plant layout and procure a major part of the machines to complete the grinding plant, such as filter, fan, hot gas generator, fly ash handling and conveying equipment. Moreover, its skilled personnel will carry out the quality control of the parts manufactured on site and falling within the customer’s responsibility and supervise erection and commissioning.