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MVR Vertical Roller Mill for Grinding Cement

Next MVR bound for West Africa

The regional demand for cement in West Africa is growing steadily and local players are looking for reliable and economical solutions. The regional cement giant CIMCO, part of the CIM Metal Group, has chosen the leading technology of an MVR 6000 C-6 from Gebr. Pfeiffer for its grinding plant in Lomé, Togo.

The grinding plant will be realized by the Intercem company from Germany, which is very well known in Africa. Gebr. Pfeiffer will supply the mill and the process design, with Intercem contributing the execution as a complete system.

The MVR 6000 C-6 will be employed for grinding cements of all qualities from CEM-I to CEM-IV. The mill has a drive power of 6,400 kW to produce CEM I at 370 tph with a Blaine fineness of 3800 cm²/g. The plant is slated to begin production in Q1/2021.

With the new location in Lomé, a total of 12 MVR mills have been ordered from Gebr. Pfeiffer for the African continent within the last six years. For Gebr. Pfeiffer, this is confirmation that customers on the African continent, too, are convinced by the process know-how and the wide range of economical solutions offered and are not hesitating to take advantage of these. Gebr. Pfeiffer provides them with the necessary support and expertise concerning their machines dealing with every question they may have.

An example of a mill of this size at their location in India.