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MVR vertical roller mill for the grinding of cement

Gebr. Pfeiffer now supplying to Nepal

With its outstanding advantages and worldwide references, the most modern vertical mill in the world now won out in Nepal, too, as proven by the contract for the first MVR mill awarded by Kapilvastu Cement Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. to Gebr. Pfeiffer SE. This customer belonging to the Ghorahi Cement group is going to set up a new grinding plant in Sonparwa, Barkalpure in the Kapilvastu District of Nepal.

Ordinary Portland Cement will be ground on a mill of the type MVR 3070 C-4 with a capacity of 70 t/h. The mill will be equipped with a high-efficiency classifier SLS 2650 BC. The grinding plant has a very compact design and can also be used for the grinding of mixed cements with granulated blast-furnace slag and/or fly ash.

When grinding-drying mixed cements with granulated blast-furnace slag, heat from an external source is needed in order to evaporate the water contained in the feed material. Such heat is provided by an innovative system of hot gas generation for which secondary fuels can also be used.

The core components of the high-technology MVR mill as well as the 1250 kW gearbox will be supplied by Gebr. Pfeiffer SE from Europe. The remaining components of the mill and high-efficiency classifier will be supplied to Nepal by its Indian subsidiary Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd. who will also furnish almost all other components for the new grinding plant such as handling equipment for feed and take-away, plant filter, plant fan, hot gas generator, motors, frequency converters, proportioning belt scales and so on. Moreover, the Indian subsidiary will be responsible for the plant engineering needed by the customer.

The scope of supply of Gebr. Pfeiffer also includes monitoring and coordination of erection as well as commissioning of the grinding plant.

For more than 60 years, Gebr. Pfeiffer has been supplying vertical mills to the cement industry. The company with its seat in Kaiserslautern/Germany was the first one worldwide to supply a vertical mill for successfully grinding cement clinker in industrial operation. The Nepalese customer’s decision in favor of Gebr. Pfeiffer was not only based on the high technical competence and enormous experience of Gebr. Pfeiffer with vertical mills but was also made in view of the active redundancy of the ultra-modern MVR mill.

Signing the contract (left to right): Ghorahi Cement Director Sanjay Bansal, Gebr. Pfeiffer Chief Executive Dr. Eduard Kulenkamp, GP India D. D. Wanjale, GP India S. S. Vason, GP India Rahul Sharda, and Ghorahi Cement Chairman P. L. Sanghai

This feature ensures an extraordinarily high technical availability meaning that in case of planned or unplanned maintenance work on a grinding roller, the mill and hence the grinding plant can remain in operation with a reduced number of rollers and a slightly reduced production rate.