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MVR vertical roller mill for cement grinding

HAURI KG, Bötzingen orders another MVR mill

For more than half a century, Hans G. Hauri KG Mineralstoffwerke, situated in Bötzingen/Germany, have been processing phonolite rock, a material which is of volcanic origin and quarried in this area.

Since 1969 the company has been using MPS vertical roller mills from Gebr. Pfeiffer to grind the rock. Many years of cooperation between Hauri KG and Gebr. Pfeiffer saw the capacity of MPS vertical roller mills increased regularly, leading in the end to the installation of the first industrial MVR vertical roller mill.

This MVR 1800 C-4 has been in operation at Bötzingen since 2006 and Hauri KG has now decided to build another MVR mill at this works.Gebr. Pfeiffer received the order to replace the existing spring-loaded MPS 125 A vertical roller mill, supplied in 1975, with an MVR 1800 C-2 vertical roller mill. Designed to achieve the same product fineness as the installed mill, the MVR mill is expected to increase capacity by 50 %.

Erection is slated for spring 2016.