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Modernization plus SUT distribution table separators, TRT Triplex dryer, and hot gas generators for the preparation of dolomite

Gebr. Pfeiffer supporting long-time customer’s modernization project

When it comes to processing the most different types of rock, Hermann Trollius GmbH has been relying upon Pfeiffer’s long-lasting products ever since the 1960s. In the lime and crushed stone works in Lauterhofen/Bavaria, limestone and dolomite are used to prepare high-quality products for the steel, building, glass, sugar, and animal feed industries as well as for a wide range of agricultural applications. Many of the machines installed back in the 60s and 70s are still operating today – half a century later – to the full satisfaction of the customer.

The trust of our customer, which we have earned through quality and service, is now paying off: for the modernization project to be implemented at Hermann Trollius GmbH, the know-how of the Pfeiffer specialists was highly esteemed. In fact, their overall concept developed for the works modernization perfectly suited the customer’s requirements.

A used Pfeiffer mill of the type MPS 125 A was bought by the customer as core piece of the capacity expansion. Pfeiffer’s service experts will not only assist the customer in setting up the entire grinding plant and taking the necessary maintenance measures on the MPS mill, but they will also ensure the timely delivery of additional plant equipment.

Two distribution table separators of the type SUT 2800 will be supplied by Gebr. Pfeiffer along with a TRT Triplex dryer with a length of 3.15 m and a diameter of 2,000 mm to be used for drying dolomite, which has a moisture of 4 to 11%. The dryer will have a new hot gas generator of the type HMG 900 for natural gas firing. The hot gas generator to be used for the mill will be of the type HMG 800.

The new machines will be on the site in early November 2018 so that the customer’s new plant will go online in early 2019 at the latest.