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Gebr. Pfeiffer lime hydrators process quicklime to form lime hydrate

New lime hydrating technology for Dankalk

Dankalk K/S, Gebr. Pfeiffer's long-standing customer, will soon run a new lime hydrator in its Aggersund plant in north-western Denmark.

The Danish company has been relying on the robust and efficient lime hydrating technology from Kaiserslautern since the 1980s when a Pfeiffer lime hydrator of the type KLD 5/0630/0800 was installed at its Aggersund plant. It has been operating for more than 30 years now with a high level of reliability, as can be expected from any equipment supplied by Pfeiffer.

As part of a modernization project, the existing lime hydrator is now to be replaced with a KLV 02/630-4.0. Although very satisfied with the existing lime hydrator and the quality of the lime hydrate produced, the customer from Denmark must substitute it due to new emission limits being imposed, which the new plant will be able to comply with.

Commissioning of the new Pfeiffer lime hydrator is scheduled for mid-2019.