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MVR vertical roller mill for cement raw material grinding and MPS vertical roller mill for coal grinding

Gebr. Pfeiffer supplies largest mill in Nepal

Ghorahi Cement Industry Pvt Ltd. is headquartered in Kathmandu and operates a cement plant in Ghorahi at the foot of the Himalayas. A new kiln line will be built as part of an expansion of the cement plant where not only imported coal, which is to serve as fuel for the new kiln, but also the cement raw material will be ground in Pfeiffer vertical mills.

Due to the advantages the MVR raw mill offers in terms of energy and process, the customer decided to shut down an old ball mill plant grinding the cement raw material to supply kiln line no. I and, instead, to produce the cement raw material for both kilns in the new, large vertical mill.

The new MVR 5600 R-4 will be producing 525 t/h of cement raw material. This raw mill with a grinding bowl diameter of 5.6 m will be by far the largest mill ever delivered to Nepal. It will have a drive power of 5350 kW and come equipped with a state-of-the-art high-efficiency classifier SLS-B.

The mill will not only be used for grinding and separating, but also for simultaneously drying the feed material, which may have a moisture content of up to 6 %. Since the customer also relies on state-of-the-art technology for heat recovery, process gases will then only be available at a relatively low temperature. Assisted by the process specialists from Gebr. Pfeiffer, the grinding plant will be designed so that the residual heat obtained from the two cement kilns and possibly also from the two clinker coolers can be used to evaporate up to 28 t/h of water from the feed material.

As is common practice in this region of the world, the new kiln will be fired with pulverized coal. Pfeiffer will supply an MPS 250 BK coal mill with integrated SLS BK high-efficiency classifier. The mill will be designed pressure-shock-proof and provided with wear protection to cope with the very abrasive Indian coal.

The core components of the high-tech MVR vertical roller mill and of the MPS coal mill as well as the 5350-kW gearbox will be supplied from Europe by Gebr. Pfeiffer. The remaining components of the vertical mills and high-efficiency classifiers will be supplied to Nepal by Gebr. Pfeiffer’s Indian subsidiary, Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd. Pfeiffer India will also supply almost all other components of the new grinding plants, such as feeding and removal equipment, plant filters, plant fans, motors, frequency converters, proportioning belt scales etc. The Indian subsidiary will also do the plant layout for the customer.

Services to supervise the erection and commissioning of the grinding plants will complete Gebr. Pfeiffer’s scope of supply.

The cement mill for the plant had been ordered from Gebr. Pfeiffer before. It will be an MVR 3070 C-4 grinding 70 t/h of cement.