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Modernisation of ball mill for grinding bauxite

After 60 years in operation, a Pfeiffer ball mill in the Netherlands gets a new housing

Gebr. Pfeiffer is known for the longevity of its products. This does not only refer to the vertical mill technology, but to the entire product portfolio of the company. In addition to the high technical availability, customers also appreciate the decades-long spare parts supply as well as the extensive modernisation offers of the company.

For example, a ball mill that had been in operation since 1960 was recently overhauled for Gouda Refractories, a long-standing Pfeiffer customer based in Gouda, in the Netherlands. Since 1901, Gouda Refractories mainly manufactures and delivers refractory bricks, monoliths and precast shapes, as well as customer-specific total solutions. This applies to the market segments Non-Ferrous Metals, Petrochemicals an Environment & Energy, but also to other segments.

The double hard mill type MRD has been grinding bauxite at the Geldermalsen plant for 60 years to the customer's complete satisfaction. It has a drum diameter of 1.2 m and a length of 2.75 m.

In 2020 - due to the decades of grinding the abrasive material - the decision had to be made to replace the existing mill or to subject it to a modernisation measure. Here, the customised modernisation offer from Gebr. Pfeiffer proved to be the significantly more economical solution. Gebr. Pfeiffer therefore supplied a new mill housing and new bearing shells for the plain bearings, so that the mill can continue to produce for many decades to come without any loss of throughput or significant downtime. The experienced staff of Gebr. Pfeiffer took over the smooth supervision of the installation. At the customer's request, the conversion itself was carried out almost entirely by the company's own personnel. Detailed task descriptions provided by Gebr. Pfeiffer within the framework of schedules offered additional assistance. Within two weeks, the modernisation of the mill was completed and efficient production was secured for many more years to come.

After only two weeks of rebuilding, the ball mill is back in operation with a new housing.