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Gebr. Pfeiffer Worldwide Meeting 2017

Gebr. Pfeiffer invites subsidiaries to its headquarters at Kaiserslautern

"Gebr. Pfeiffer Worldwide Meeting 2017“ took place in Kaiserslautern on September 27th and 28th. The conference offered the representatives of all Pfeiffer subsidiaries the opportunity to exchange views with their German colleagues and to interact with one another.

In line with the motto “Pfeiffer around the world” the company now has, in addition to its worldwide agencies, six subsidiaries across the globe since the opening of its most recent subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur in November 2016. The subsidiaries are headquartered in Pembroke Pines/USA, Noida/India, Beijing/China, São Paulo/Brazil, Cairo/Egypt and last but not least in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. They also function as service points, i.e. as contacts for all matters of Gebr. Pfeiffer’s customers concerning maintenance, spare parts and other service topics.

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Depending on the number of employees working for the subsidiary, the amount of staff delegated to the conference in Kaiserslautern varied. The two-day event provided a platform for the attendees to engage in lively exchanges. Despite the close cooperation of the subsidiaries in their day-to-day business, the regular meetings contribute to further increasing their efficiency and forge a team spirit overcoming even a distance of several thousand kilometers. And all this with one common goal in mind: to meet, or even exceed, the most stringent demands of Gebr. Pfeiffer’s customers.

Even during the breaks there was a lively exchange.