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MPS roller mill for quicklime grinding, lime hydrator and ball mill for grinding of lime hydrate

Gebr. Pfeiffer successfully cooperates with EKO-Zoloproduct invest LLC in the field of lime processing

ECO-Zoloproduct invest LLC in 2018 started the construction of a modern high-tech lime production plant with the trademark ROSCA in Kassimow city, Ryazan region, Russia.

The main products of the new plant will be lump lime as well as ground and hydrated lime of various fractions.

The new plant products sales are scheduled for mid-2020.

Gebr. Pfeiffer signed in 2019 the first contract for the supply of a vertical roller mill MPS 160 B for quicklime grinding. Delivery and erection works are planned for spring-summer 2020. Commissioning will take place at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020.

In February 2020, Gebr. Pfeiffer moreover has signed a second contract for the supply of a lime hydrating plant with a lime hydrator type KLV 07/1000-6,3 with a length of 6.3 meter and a diameter of 1.0 meter. Furthermore, a separating and grinding plant for processing of the raw hydrate from the hydrator was ordered. The separating and grinding plant is equipped with two Pfeiffer high efficiency separators of the type SLV 630 (diameter of lamella wheel 630 mm) and SLV 800 (diameter of lamella wheel 800 mm) as well as a Pfeiffer ball mill type MRD 1,8 x 6,0 with dimensions of 1.8 x 6 meters. In the separating and grinding plant two product qualities of hydrated lime at product fineness of 3 % R 0.040 mm and 3 % R 0.080 mm are produced.

The commissioning of this equipment will take place in 2021.