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Gebr. Pfeiffer Panel 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia

More than 60 participants get informed about the newest mill technologies from Gebr. Pfeiffer

On March 16 and 17, 2016, the two internationally very successful companies Aumund and Gebr. Pfeiffer jointly presented the latest innovations in the materials handling and grinding technology for cement works.

It was a good decision of Gebr. Pfeiffer to also host a Pfeiffer Panel in Indonesia which was very well received and met with general acclaim by more than 60 attendees. The two companies organising the panel offered a selection of high quality presentations, thus providing a platform for a lively exchange of ideas and expertise which was also promoted by the great many constructive questions raised by the experienced audience. The specialists of Pfeiffer and Aumund opened up a great many optimization possibilities and shared helpful tips on how to service and maintain plant equipment. The elaborate maintenance and service concepts presented by Gebr. Pfeiffer at the seminar were as convincing as its ambitious and innovative vertical mill technology.

The MVR mill in conjunction with the MultiDrive®, both featuring the unique active redundancy, is a prime example of the innovation culture for which Gebr. Pfeiffer has been acknowledged throughout the world for many decades. The high level of availability of the Pfeiffer MVR mill is well known among experts, not least because of the sale of the largest cement mill in the world and many other references across the globe. In combination with the MultiDrive® concept, the unique availability of the mill also includes the mill drive.The success of the event in Indonesia again strengthened Gebr. Pfeiffer's philosophy to comprehensively inform and interact with its customers at local seminars.

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