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Complete Coal Grinding Plant, on a Turnkey (EPC) Basis

EPC Project: Gebr. Pfeiffer delivers Complete Coal Grinding Plant to Egypt

BMIC, headquartered in Cairo, awarded Gebr. Pfeiffer a contract for a complete coal grinding plant on a turnkey basis for its cement plant in Assiut, Egypt.

Gebr. Pfeiffer, together with its global and local partners, suppliers and subcontractors, is responsible for the complete scope, including engineering, supply of plant parts, imported or locally manufactured, construction and commissioning of the plant.

Detailed description of scope:

• Procurement and delivery of material and equipment
• Basic and detailed engineering
• Manufacture of equipment including supporting structures
• Civil construction, steel structure and mechanical erection works
• Installation of electrical equipment and process instrumentation
• Commissioning
• Management activities for the whole project, starting from the engineering phases through to the achievement of the provisional acceptance

From raw coal storage to injecting pulverized coal into the kiln burner (including upgrading the kiln and calciner burners) – everything comes from a single source: Gebr. Pfeiffer.The core of the plant is the Pfeiffer MPS 2800 BK coal mill designed to grind 50 t/h coal to a fineness of 12% R 0.090 mm as well as 25 t/h pet coke to a fineness of 3% R 0.090 mm. The innovative mill design allows coal to be ground with a feed moisture of up to 15% and pet coke with a moisture of as much as 8%.

As the world’s leading expert in coal mills Gebr. Pfeiffer offers all necessary safety concepts for the grinding of explosive feed material.

Safety concepts and standards:

• Design of the grinding plant in accordance with the EC directive 94/9 (ATEX 95)
• Pressure-shock-resistant design of mill and classifier housings
• Explosion venting in ductwork
• Isolation of areas exposed to explosion hazards by installing rotary locks, flame arrestors and safety shut-off dampers
• Monitoring of CO and O2 levels, dust emission values and process gas temperature
• Inerting and firefighting by CO2 flooding
• Central vacuum cleaner to remove pulverized coal from mill building

The plant will start operation in the first quarter of 2018.