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MPS vertical roller mill for coal grinding

Another follow-up order from Korea Zinc Group

60 km south-east of Ho Chi Minh City lies the Vietnamese port city of Vung Tau where Gebr. Pfeiffer’s long-standing customer Korea Zinc Group will be building a plant for the processing of 100,000 t/y of dust containing zinc, which is produced in arc furnaces. Once completed, the plant will be equipped exclusively with advanced technologies.

For grinding 10 t/h of coal to a fineness of 15 % R 75 µm a Pfeiffer MPS 140 BK coal mill has been selected. This order boosts the number of Pfeiffer coal mills sold to the group of companies to eight and the number of Pfeiffer mills sold directly to Korea Zinc Co. Ltd. to five.

This order will see Korea Zinc install the first Pfeiffer mill outside South Korea. The coal with a feed moisture of 9 % will be simultaneously dried while being ground in the mill, so it will be optimally prepared for the further process.

In addition to the vertical roller mill, on top of which a high-efficiency classifier of the type SLS 1000 BK is mounted, Gebr. Pfeiffer will supply the control dampers and shut-off flaps as well as the measuring and control equipment for measuring the CO, oxygen and dust contents.

This new plant will enable the customer to process all the arc furnace dust produced in the province.

Commissioning is slated for the first quarter of 2019.