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MVR vertical roller mill for cement grinding and MPS vertical roller mill for pet coke grinding

Another two Pfeiffer mills for Wonder Cement

Wonder Cement belongs to a family-owned company headquartered in Udaipur, India, which, apart from many other businesses, is active in the cement sector. Since 2010 Gebr. Pfeiffer has delivered five vertical mills for grinding cement, raw material and pet coke. Due to the positive experience the customer gained with the Pfeiffer equipment, the company decided to purchase two further vertical mills from Gebr. Pfeiffer.

One of the vertical mills ordered is an MVR 6000 C-6 for grinding cement. Up to now, Wonder Cement has used combi-grinding plants from another supplier. In addition to the better specific energy consumption of the MVR mill, another important factor in the customer’s decision to switch to the Pfeiffer grinding system was that even moist feed materials can be dried while being ground in the mill without any problems.

This positive feature is of particular importance in India, because there is an apparent trend towards using stored fly ash as extender, replacing more and more dry fly ash from coal-fired power plants. Due to the outdoor storage, this fly ash has a very high moisture content and would have to be dried in an additional machine for other grinding processes.

The engineering team of the customer received support by the consultant HOLTEC from Gurgaon near New Delhi. In the past, HOLTEC had also acquired extremely positive experience with Pfeiffer mills installed at other Indian cement plants, which is why a switch of the grinding system to the MVR mill was also recommended by the consultant.

The ordered mill of the type MVR 6000 C-6 will feature a total drive power of 5820 kW and will be identical to the MVR 6000 C-6, which is currently being assembled for the same customer in Nardana in the state of Maharashtra. Mixed cements are to be ground to fineness degrees of up to 5 % R 45 µm.

The grinding plant will be designed in such a way that not only granulated blast-furnace slag with a target fineness of approx. 4500 cm²/g acc. to Blaine but also blast-furnace cements with different proportions of granulated blast-furnace slag, fly ash and gypsum and different product fineness degrees can be produced.

It was important to the customer to grind relatively hot clinker in the mill while at the same time being able to reduce the cement temperature, and alternatively to use cold clinker from stockpiles.

The core components such as the tension system and the grinding rollers will come from Gebr. Pfeiffer, Germany. The grinding bowl and the gearboxes for the mill and classifier will also be delivered from Europe. Gebr. Pfeiffer’s subsidiary, Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt Ltd., will provide the housing parts, the foundation parts and supports of the rollers as well as almost the entire high-efficiency classifier type SLS 5600 BC. Moreover, Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s scope of supply will incorporate most of the equipment to complete the grinding plant including the plant fan.

Delivery is scheduled for early 2019.

Since Wonder Cement is also starting to expand its cement plant in Tehsil Nimbahera in the Chittorgarh district, the customer awarded Gebr. Pfeiffer a contract for another vertical roller mill for this plant. In Tehsil Nimbahera, the third rotary kiln with a daily capacity of approx. 8000 tons will be operated with pet coke and/or coal as fuel. Gebr. Pfeiffer will supply an MPS mill for grinding the fuel. The extraordinarily good experience and the expert advice from HOLTEC also played an important role for this order.

Pulverized pet coke will be used as fuel for the kiln. The pet coke will be ground in an MPS 3070 BK with a capacity of 40 t/h to a product fineness of 2 % R 90 µm. Since the mill is equipped with an SLS BK high-efficiency classifier of the latest generation, both coal and pet coke can be ground in the mill, dried with process gases and then classified in the integrated classifier. Due to the high abrasiveness of Indian coal, the mill will be designed with appropriate wear protection.

Most components of the coal mill will be supplied by Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt Ltd. The housing and foundation parts, the grinding bowl and a large part of the power-transmitting parts will be manufactured in India.

Commissioning of the entire kiln line with the new grinding plant is slated for spring 2019.