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MVR vertical roller mills for grinding cement and blast-furnace cement, MVR vertical roller mill for cement raw material grinding, MPS vertical roller mill for coal/lignite grinding

MVR mills for Indonesia – Identical design brings about many benefits to the customer

Pfeiffer has been awarded its first contract to supply MVR mills to Indonesia. The package ordered incorporates two MVR 5000 C-4 mills for cement grinding and one MVR 5000 R-4 for raw material grinding. The mills will be set up at Grobogan cement plant located close to Semarang in Central Java. The package also includes an MPS 3350 BK for grinding lignite.

The cement mills, each featuring a drive power of 4000 kW, will be capable of grinding 190 t/h of OPC at 3600 Blaine or PPC at 4000 Blaine. In addition, the mills will be suitable for grinding blast-furnace cements.

The MVR 5000 R-4 with a drive power of 4300 kW is guaranteed to achieve a capacity of 500 t/h of raw meal ground to a fineness of 12% R 90 µm.

The lignite to be processed has a high feed moisture (37%), which is typical for Indonesia. The inherent moisture content in the lignite is 14%. The MPS 3350 BK with a drive power of 800 kW will dry the material to a surface moisture content of 1% while at the same time grinding it at 50 t/h to a fineness of 15-25 % R 90 µm.

The order also includes a spare parts package for two-year operation. The essential modules of all three MVR mills will have the same design and therefore be interchangeable; the advantages in terms of spare parts management and maintenance of the mills will be significant.

The order was placed by the Chinese general contractor Nanjing Kisen.

Commissioning of the mills is scheduled for the first half of 2019.